Why Corbah Custom?


Corbah Custom has been working in the Custom Cycling, Triathlon, and Running apparel industry since 2009. 

We pursue a philosophy of continuous improvement. All products in our catalog have been offered in previous years as previous iterations of the same item. That means every item we've offered has been reworked and improved upon many times.

For our Prime and Energy lines, we hand selected the best fabrics from Italian and Swiss manufactures respectively. It's not only about the fabrics, however. Our sublimation room is humidity and temperature controlled to produce the most consistent color tones. Just a few degrees change can drastically change the sublimation process. We use top-of-the-line JTek dyes and our Sublimation Machine is made by Monti Antonio -- leader in Italian Sublimation Technology.

Corbah Custom offers over 70 different chamois to be sewn into your garment. We painstakingly selected each chamois for it's particular properties and how it interacts with our garment's cut and fit. 

All of our Prime and Energy level products use chamois sourced from Elastic Interface.

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